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A Mountain Biking Culture

Coffee Company

Post Canyon Coffee Roasters

Built from the ground up founded upon the love of mountain biking and the trails of the Pacific Northwest.

We source the finest coffee beans from around the world.

Specializing in Organic and natural coffee varieties.

We roast each small batch to perfection with our Diedrich gas fired coffee roaster.

Post Canyon Coffee Roasters is dedicated to quality over quantity.

*Family owned and operated in The Columbia Gorge*

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Roasting Process

POST CANYON COFFEE ROASTERS is a small batch organic coffee roasting company.

We are dedicated to quality. We source the finest varieties of green coffee beans from around the world.

Each small batch is roasted to perfection with our gas fired Diedrich coffee roaster.

Offering single origins and espresso blends, most of our coffee is roasted to a medium city roast.

We also roast batches to full city roast and dark french roast levels.

Whether your looking for a light roast a dark roast or something in between, We got you covered .

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Fueling your ride begins @ our Coffee Shop- Click Here to enter!

Offering Single Origins & Espresso Blends in various sizes.

Please contact us below for information about our wholesale opportunities and pricing!

` Post Canyon Trees = Photo by - Shawn Singhurst

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